What is a duplex?

A duplex is a house that integrates two separate living units into the one building, dividing them with a party wall. For the purpose of titles, duplexes count as two different homes, and each side of the duplex can be bought, sold or rented out independent of the other.

They differ from dual occupancy layouts which instead combine two living units without a formal separation on the property title. The benefit of dual occupancy properties is that they are suited to extended families or families with adult children, as they provide separate living spaces without the additional infrastructure costs. Dual occupancy homes can only be bought and sold as a single property.

Why do investors love duplexes?

Choosing the right investment option is about balancing the equity required to build and the expected returns. While duplexes cost more to build due to their larger size, they are often suited to being positively geared. For the cost of building a large house, investors receive two properties and two lots of rent.

Many investors choose to build a duplex and live in one half while they lease the other. Or they can also provide double the space for extended families and multi-generational living. Whatever your client intends, duplexes maximise the use of a single block of land.

We are experts in duplex builds

Experts in local council regulations

Experts in obtaining building approvals

Experts in design to maximise income potential

Local councils have specific regulations about duplexes that need to be accounted for. Impact Homes are experts when it comes to obtaining council approvals. After more than 20 years in the industry we know exactly what local council requires, and we use our extensive network of contacts to keep projects moving along smoothly.

Our build process is full service, with our team coordinating every part of the build and providing support along the way. We’ll handle all the approvals, site preparation, construction and finishing work on your client’s behalf.

Our duplexes are full turnkey

When we hand over the keys to your client’s new duplex, they receive a completed property. Our full turnkey homes are supplied with everything tenants will need, from appliances and floor coverings through to air conditioning, landscaping, driveways and more.

Whether they’re looking to live in one half or rent out both, your client’s duplex will be ready to produce returns on day one.

Internal inclusions

External inclusions

Lease your duplex

Looking to lease your duplex?

Duplexes are all about making the most of a block. To start seeing returns sooner, Impact Homes can connect your client with our partners in real estate. They can assist with finding tenants for one or both units. Before handover is even completed a property manager can be hard at work finding the right tenants, reducing the gap between project completion and receiving rental income.

all standard new home builds are:

Full turnkey

We look after every detail of each new home, leaving nothing undone.

Fixed price

Building contracts are fixed price with no surprises and no hidden fees involved.

Full service

Receive full support through the build from finance to finding tenants.

Quality assured

Get peace of mind with our 12 month maintenance period following each build.

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