Our Story

Where it all began

In 1996, our CEO made a leap. He went from operating a kitchen cabinetry business to building new homes with friend and fellow builder.

Seeing their opportunity to join the market, the pair did what they knew best and began servicing owner-occupiers. A reputation for quality work meant the word spread quickly, and before long their team was tackling more than a dozen new builds each year.

As the work flowed in and the business expanded, the CEO invited his brother and his young family to move from Perth to Brisbane and take a permanent role, cementing Impact Homes as a proper family affair.

Where it all began
One coffee later and the decision was made

One coffee later and the decision was made

The Global Financial Crisis was a trying time for our industry, but it did gives us a moment to rethink our product and the way we brought it to market.

At the time, brothers and the company’s experienced developers were on the hunt for a new building partner to help them increase their successful sales model. A cup of coffee to discuss a partnership turned into an all-night meeting where the decision to merge was cemented, giving birth to Privium Group as you know it today.

Backed by experts, Impact Homes is the original home & investment solution

From a simple idea to a business that has grown year on year for over two decades, Impact Homes doesn’t just put our customers first, we put them at the very centre of what we do.

What began as a novel concept has gone on to shape the way our industry works, and even now we consider ourselves a business that exists solely for our customers. With hundreds of employees, partners and suppliers across Eastern Australia, we surround ourselves with industry experts who all ask the same question, “What can we do to help Aussies grow their wealth, plan for their futures and reach their potential?”

What our customers need isn’t always simple, and it’s not static. For us, the only true constants are our commitments to innovation, our people and to the success of every customer, supplier and partner we work with.

home investment solutions backed by experts
We support you every step of the way

We support you, whatever you may need

There’s no hidden secret behind our success.

We simply listen to our customers and to the opinions that matter most. Learning is an integral part of our business, so we treasure the relationships we build and the feedback they can provide.

Impact Homes has been built on helping our customers succeed. Whatever success means for you, we’re invested in making it happen. The support we offer is world-class and we are always looking for new ways to improve the service you receive.

Whether you are a customer embarking on their first investment, or a business partner that we have known for decades, our team members are available to assist you every step of the way.

And our future is looking pretty peachy

Impact Homes is an investment focused business, so the future is always on our mind.

As part of the vertically integrated Privium Group, we have easy access to the full supply chain that allows us to craft our beautiful home solutions. That means we can create affordable housing opportunities for more Aussies than ever before.

In keeping with our commitment to affordability, we aim to continue developing support measures for our sister companies and business partners who perform work in the SDA and social housing sectors. Pursuing that goal means we remain involved in government lobbying and keeping the affordable housing crisis at the forefront of Australia’s political issues.

Additionally, we are actively pursuing and implementing environmentally sustainable practices and products across our business. Keeping our world healthy is a team effort, and Impact Homes is ready to play its part.

Our future is looking peachy

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