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Investing in the future

For over 20 years Impact Homes has been supplying investments to the Australian property market. Backed by a major residential construction company, we’re experts when it comes to sourcing, designing and building some of the country’s preferred investment properties. We make it our business to provide a service that caters to the needs of investors, carefully planning each one of our projects to meet budgetary and return requirements.

Whether your client is a seasoned investor or is just starting out, we can offer a suitable package. We always recommend investors begin each project by researching the areas that best suit their needs and can provide the returns they are looking for. When ready, we can help your client get on top of what those markets have, what they need more of and figure out if an investment there is viable.

How we design our investor packages

Designing an investment package requires research on more than just the suburb. Our developments are based on criteria that determine how well they will perform for investors. To decide what we should build and where, our team does detailed research on the following:

We use these to estimate the growth and potential returns that properties could see in a particular area. Impact has in-house resources dedicated to researching markets and developing suburb profiles which can help investors understand an area and make informed decisions.

*Whilst Impact can provide you with data and materials to assist your client to make decisions on a viable investment package suitable for their purposes, we do not provide any legal, financial or investment advice and any materials that we provide should not be construed or relied on as such.

Our range of investment products

Impact builds a variety of homes that can be tailored to suit any investment goals. Our team are always happy to provide information on our products and services to help your clients make sense of their options. We can use a block of land that is brought to us, perform a knockdown and rebuild of an existing house, or we can bundle a suitable home and land package.


Detached houses are a popular choice for Australian investors. Although they’re more expensive to build, they usually see greater capital growth than alternatives.

A house could be the best choice depending on what your client’s goals are and whether they’re looking to gear their investment negatively or positively.


When it comes to balancing outlay and the return, townhouses are an attractive option. Although they may experience lower capital growth than detached houses, they also often cost less to build and they are popular amongst tenants.

Developments often occur in desirable suburbs and they’re a great way to get a foot in the door of areas with healthy rental projections.

Duplexes & Dual occupancy

Duplexes are houses with two separate living units that share a party wall. They can be bought, sold and rented out individually, effectively doubling rental return on the land. Dual occupancy homes also provide two living units but can only be bought and sold as a single property. Depending on local legislation, the renting of dual occupancy homes may sometimes be limited to relatable parties.

Both are popular with investors looking for ways to maximise their return. The initial construction cost is often higher, but multiple rental incomes mean these property types may be suitable for positive gearing.

Rental agent partners

Rental agent partners

Impact Homes has long-standing partnerships in the real estate industry and can connect investors with trusted agents. With the help of our network,  a property manager can be put in place and begin the search for tenants before construction is completed. This provides a more seamless handover and ensures the property is on the market as soon as poosible.

all standard new home builds are:

Full turnkey

We look after every detail of each new home, leaving nothing undone.

Fixed price

Building contracts are fixed price with no surprises and no hidden fees involved.

Full service

Receive full support through the build from finance to finding tenants.

Quality assured

Get peace of mind with our 12 month maintenance period following each build.

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