The Build Process

The Build Process

Building with Impact Homes has been designed to be as simple as possible, and our expert team are always striving to raise the bar on delivering the best service in the industry. We take the hard work out of building a new home or investment with our streamlined and fully managed process.

Step 1 Product selection

Impact can build a wide range of home solutions in almost any location across Eastern Australia. No matter your lifestyle needs or budget, our team can create a home package that delivers both quality and value.

Choose land

Every build starts with a block of land. You can supply land you already own, search for the perfect block yourself, or our Free Land Finding Service can help. Simply tell our team what you are looking for and where you are hoping to build, and they can locate the ideal plot for your home.

Choose Home

Once land has been selected, it is time to choose the home design that suits your lifestyle or investment needs. Impact Homes has access to exclusive house and land packages, townhouses and dual occupancy solutions to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

Step 2 Pre-Construction

Once we receive correspondence from your solicitor stating that finance is unconditional, the pre-construction process begins. During this stage we obtain and draft all documentation required for building approval.

Soil tests

Soil samples will be taken from your block to determine the earth’s composition and ensure the site is safe to build and live on.

Contour & location surveys

A surveyor will record the block’s location and contour information which will be required for the drafting and approval stages.

Working drawings prepared

These drawings detail your new home and are used to plot the exact location of the house as well as its Finished Floor Level (FFL).

Energy efficient assessment

We order a full assessment of your home to ensure it meets the required energy standards for new builds in your area.

Structural Engineering

An engineered design will be ordered for your concrete slab, site footings and any other structural requirements.

Estate covenant application

If you have purchased land in a new development or estate, we will submit an application to the developer. They may have their own approval guidelines with regards to facades, colours, landscaping and other build elements. This does not apply to blocks which are not part of an estate or development.

Step 3Council approvals

At this stage, all necessary applications will be made to the local authority, usually a city council. Council approval is typically required for build items such as plumbing and driveway access to ensure they comply with the relevant regulations. Some properties may need further approval for other design features – such as relaxing a boundary setback – which will take additional time to resolve.

Step 4Building approvals

Once the engineering design, energy assessment and covenant approval have been received, the building approval is lodged to a private certifier. The certifier will assess all documentation against the Building Codes, Australian Standards and local planning schemes.

Depending on where you are building, the entire process from site testing through to receiving final council approval can take weeks. Additionally, there are several factors which can cause unanticipated delays:

Development applications

Some builds may be subject to Development Applications which can prolong the approval process. Common examples of development applications include relaxing a building setback or applying to build within a certain zone.

Covenant approval

The developer of your estate will need to approve your property before work begins. There may be delays where your home does not meet covenant guidelines, with typical issues being non-complying landscaping, fencing, building setbacks, or properties not adhering to design rules regarding colours and façade materials.

Contract variations

All variations must be finalised prior to your contract going unconditional. As contract variations interfere with the covenant approval process, pre-construction cannot begin until all variations have been completed.

Colour selection

If you are customising your colour scheme and have not completed this process by the time your contract goes unconditional, the pre-construction process will not begin.

Land registration

If your land is not yet registered (titled), the pre-construction process cannot start. Unregistered land does not officially exist and cannot be worked on until a title is granted.

Inclement weather

Rain may cause considerable delay for the soil test and the contours and location survey.

Christmas shutdown period

Impact Homes shut down for a period of four weeks over December and January.

Step 5 Construction begins

With pre-construction complete and approvals in hand, a commencement date will be set and site work can begin. In most cases, our build process is straightforward:

Site cut

The site is prepared for construction, safety fences are erected and your block is cut, ready for the slab to be laid.


The builders begin working on forming the foundation of your new home by laying underground services and an engineered slab.


The frames for your walls and roof will go up and you will be able to see your home coming together.


The brickwork is completed, roofing goes on and you can now lock the external doors. All interior electrical and plumbing services are installed.


Interior fixings such as plaster, stairs, kitchens and vanities are completed.

Practical completion

All paint, tiles and bathroom fixtures will be installed, and all final fittings placed.

Final inspection

Your site supervisor will invite you to perform a final inspection of the build.



Once all finishes have been completed, handover is scheduled and the site supervisor will officially hand the keys over to the new owner.

Warranty and maintenance

Step 6 Warranty & Maintenance

You’re all moved into your home, but we’re still here if you need us. Your new home is covered by your builder’s structural guarantee and you will have a maintenance period where we can address any questions or concerns you may have.